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First of all - äntligen: TAK for a very inspiring and interesting day in Flakkebjerg!

At least I´ve again learnt something about IT-- ALWAYS save your writings on many different places! I made already a story in English about my visit - perhaps some of you had read it ?- but then I`ve done something,( pulled or even slightly touched?) - a wrong button which translated all my text into BAD Finnish with no possibility to retranslate. GGRRRR
 so here we go again, beginning in the morning 5.7. at breakfast!

* nice place, very open atmosphere
* scheduled, well-planned day, without any hurry and possibilities to make changes in case of
"force majeure"
: I felt wellcome- thank you Lisbet !
* fantastic food - especially planned for these courses, normally in danish schools the pupils have their own lunch with them!
* Among 100 boys, everything seemed to work, no bulluying!
*The morningmeeting with the "slogan of the day" worked well, as the assambly at 19 o`clock.
*I got a lot of good ideas about teamwork, changing places and class even during lessons, teachers daily meetings about the pupils progress and problems etc
* "Freedom gives responsibility" wasn+t forgotten and there were strict rules to obey, but the main work was suited for everyones own needs!
* Uncredible and motivated guys - when the scheduled program was done at 19, I was pretty tired and on my way to the hotel, most of the boys were waiting what kind of action their groupleaders still were prepared to offer them! UH
*Daily rutins were strict and accepted that helped learning a lot
* a weekendcamp was hold in June were thes rules and workingscheme was introduced and accepted.
* 1-2 / 100 leaves the camp or is kicked out if not accepting the rules - for instance this year one guy had thought it could be nice to giggle all the night and keep his roommates awake - not accepted at all - out!
*results from earlier camps with the tutorsystem following during winter I will attach here also.
*Self-esteem is a very very important thing which is put a lot of work on- very postitively operating, a tap on the shoulder, a smile, some talk during brakes - everything is about care!
*I was a bit annoyed about that some guys had their caps on, and asked. Of course, in occasions tet-a-tet always without caps, and during two weeks lasting  camp most caps are thrown away - when they get selfesteem they wanna be polite!
*Next Winter, or perhaps already in Autumn, I`m sure that someone from our schools or the governement for education will contact Lisbet for asking a visit - there were so much we could adapt and learn!

The camp was located in Slagelse (Själland) in the localities of Flakkebjerg Efterskole

"Morgonsamling "every morning after the breakfast, duration 10-15 minutes about learning, teaching, living and growing - a theme for every day! Now it was for progress!

After the grand assembly in the gymnastichall, every team stayed together and talked about the program of the day before entering their classses. I followed Mettes team and the boys were quite curious about me and many of them could speak quite nice English so I had some intervjues. - Notice the carpet with numbers on - a good use in the mathlessons! a danish "invention, other version with alphabetics." www.samsoc.dk

An interesting detail was the postings in front of every classroom- four different areas 1-4 were marked on the whitescreen, and every pupil had to post a short note about their feelings in the beginning of the lesson and then afterwards- about tireness, eagerness, "no interested" or what ever feelings they had! The groupleaders looked them through and if things seemed go boring or something else very negative, they had a talk. The guys said the system was splendid!
Mette, the groupleader for a group called "Echos" has been as a  leader on these camps from the beginning and loves it!
"NEVER GIVE UP" What a lovely, familiar motto ( I like to use it!) - I love it! 

Mathematics was worked on in groups on different subjects.                                                                                                                                             -FIVE PRINCIPES AT THE CAMP:
:*We expect the best -every time  *Everyone has the right to proceed in own tempo and premises.*7 different personality traits are important and possible to learn! * You make your choises -and stay for the consequenses and results! * We behave well

Next personality traits are those, which the campleaders are focusing on:
selfcontrol *engagement * patience * social intelligens * thankfulness * optimism * curiosity *

Here are the teachers - matehemathics from left, language to the right. Unfortunately I did not remember to write down all your names! Every group consistents 15 or 16 guys, and every group had one groupleader, an assistant and a teacher.

 In the beginning of every lesson, the pupils had an "all-over- lesson" about the subject, perhaps some discussion and questions (about 10-15minutes), and then they were devided in smaller groups or, if they liked ,some worked on their own.

the furniture, desks, chairs sofas etc were absolutely not "brand new -design- (which we seem to spend our money on here in Finland!)  but practical and comfortable. I liked especially this madrasses you could use as a seat or something to rest on! (i once had something like that in one of mine classes)

When studying - do it individually - music from your application, sitting as you wish - alone or with friends. And when your task for the lesson is ready, you mark it on those posters on the wall so everyone can see your progres! The teachers also have their own files where everyday progres is marked.

--will be continued ----

Sacks, filled with air. A nice, cheap and comfortable solution - and easy to remove!

Soon lunchtime...Boys are boys- the waterbottles were so nice to throw and catch.                                                           ... All kind of sweeties or candies are forbidden, the food is healthy and nutritial and GOOD, sports is done 2-3 times a day, mobile phones are allowed only after lunchbreak or one hour only.! No television, no computergames and silence at 22.00!  I think it could be even a good preparation for the army....

after lunch, during their freetime, pupils have the possibility to talk with Lisbet , here with help from Henrik Soeberg, about their courses and wishes. Meanwhile, all the others were on their phones or just resting...

Sports indoors or out - a little raining doesn´t matter - in the afternoon, and also in the evening and some days also in the morning... Weightloss happen to most of those guys who had been sitting by their computers all the winter!

the accomodation was ok, said the boys, chambers for 2-4 persons, a small "get-together-room" in every department, some duties för the groupmembers to clean the bathroom etc - all about responsiblitiy and wellfare!

*the staff is alwys right
*the studies are not to forget
*Silence at 22.00
*Violent behavior is not accepted
*Smoking and all kind of alcohol etc strictly forbidden
*Teasing and bullying absolutely not accepted

Visible learning by John Halle is introduced in different ways - here the beginning of a math lesson...
continueing on the floor in groups- potentnumbers shall be put in order!

Especially in math, when the first testresults from sunday were  clear, the pupils were divided in groups for more intensive learning on those subject they had had problems with from last week.

"VI GÖR DET SAMMAN" -Let´s do it together!

after dinner and some freetime, the final joint meeting at the gymnastic hall was 18.40-19 and there were some debriefing done and even some results spoken. I had huge problems with understandind danish, but the atmosphere I understood, and what I was talkinh with the boys they were very content . The program continues during one year by tutors who are helping their pupil once or twice, if necessary more often, in month .It is not only thereults on your report what matters it is YOU and your way of living to feel better and do better! 
I was completely exhausted at 19.40 when I went to my hotel, but when I remebered that the boys still had some sports, I pressed me for a swim in the pool and afterwards - felt good!

THANKYOU Lisbet, Mette & all the staff & the boys it has been an interesting and teaching day!
Rose for yoy - thes are from Gvanö castle, which I visited the following day!!

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