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More ideas and hints for the daily work, stories about Ireland and dinner at Haikko

the Haikko manorhouse

Mia Lybeck (who has been an excellent organizer for everything !) explains to our group about the evening program at Haikko.

We began again at 10 am after coffee, and no by practicing the "dictagloss"-method where you write down clues of what you have been hearing, (twice) and then write it out. Nice and faster  method also for pupils who has problems with dictation!  We had also made notes about what we had learn´t yesterday, and the written textes were hanging on the walls while we checked as  many as we had time to do ;at least five. interesting!
Mark was then talking about teaching through the senses, and the need of motivation in every  subject. He remembered us also about the reasons why pupils not always are so alert - youths often  have slept too little, have love problems , might be hungry or waiting for the test next lesson....As a teacher, try to understand and always keep a "plan B"and flexibility with your lesson when you teach!

Take always your identity with you to the classroom and share your experiences, but not too much. Be interested in your students, mention their birthdays, collect knowledge about their hobbies, favorite music, films etc - there are hundreds of ways you can  keep your students focused!

We sorted out some grammar changes, especially differences between spoken and written English, and then we got a practice how and when to use the mobile:
The question was to find out how many and who the Irish noble price winners  in literature are. We worked in small groups and made this marks:

-in some groups only one or two persons opened their advices and searched info, and the others sat still or talked about other things.                                                                                                                        - In some groups there rose interesting discussions  about the subject.                                                       - in some groups they divided the search.                                                                                                - in some groups they got a lot more information than was required - in my group for instance, we made also marks about only two Finish nobelists and a lot of German ones!

Then we had to compare the information we had found by ourselves, with the "normal" way to keep a lesson  :                                                                                                                                                 
the teacher standing/ sitting in front of the students reading the information from a book and those students, who are active, making notes.                                                                                                                                            . 

The idea of this "test"was to show, that technical tools can be useful and even motivate pupils to do more, but remember to keep some suitable rules when and how to use phones!

Mark and Irish whiskey!

Ireland and also the Irish language was the next fascinating subject.  Knowing history helps to understand the present, and Ireland really is an interesting island with both protestant and catholic religions. Mark showed us some rare pictures from some islands on the Atlantic coastline, and also houses painted with a kind of graffiti made for the memory of  the hunger  years called the great Famine in 1845  when 1 million Irish people died or moved abroad.                                                                    
Poems, songs (Molly Malone!) and rhymes can help pupils to remember and learn things.
Then we took a look at an Irish whiskey bottle with interesting texts to fill in with different nouns or adjectives etc - again a proof that you can teach without a book by using your imagination! Then some of us tested a nice whiskey-toddy receipt Mark told about: Hot water, clove, dark sugar (or honey? ) and some lemon, and believe me - it tasted smooths and really good. Normally I don´t like whiskey at all!

Then we had even more things to rise a discussion about - everyone got a potato, and again we discussed in groups about different ways to fix food of potatoes, and could have continued talking about how it grows etc. Marl made us also consider about how and when you finish a discussion- sometimes it is alright to continue a good discussion instead of interrupting it briskly!                      
Then Mark also asked as to consider about this sentence:
"If you always do what you´ve always done, you´ll always get what you always got"

We finished the day by watching "some funny words in disorder to put in order" from the address  and videos where Mark was training his son to talk and play with the English language - nice to see a two-years-old boy act just like children in his age are acting. Most of us teachers are even mothers so it was moments of memorizing the childhood!

It took appr. 20 minutes for the ship to reach Haikko from Porvoo, just a nice short enough trip because of the rainy weather!

Haikko manorhouse, we sat in the Romanov- suite! We had such a nice dinner with either fried salmon or smoked beef and as dessert rhubarb pie with tasting cinnamon ice  cream. - lovely tastes! 

Mia Lybeck with two of the participants in the hall of the manor.
I will check the text tomorrow yet , but it was necessary  to write things down before I  forget things! 

Then I will also tell about the  program of Friday and  try to make a conclusion of all I learnt and how much of it I can practice with those pupils who have some kind of learning problems! And I think, it will be a lot! -John Dewey was mentioned again today, I like!
and last, something i fully agree with Mark about:

Spontaneous things are the best!

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